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I feel alive when I sculpt and get lost creating a piece. Each sculpture is different and comes from a vision or experience I’ve had. The moment I step back and realise it is finished, I am filled with joy and pride.

I learned how to carve at a local art institute inspired by Modigliani, Brancusi, Picasso and Hepworth. I was then lucky enough to be taught by the eminent sculptor Dick Onians. He has been my mentor throughout.

I am eternally grateful for his guidance. I have now been sculpting for 20 years and have recently set up my studio to work whenever I want. 

All my sculptures can be cast in bronze and bronze resin. Lockbund Foundry, whom I hold in the highest regard, has cast many of my sculptures in bronze. For them, no obstacle is insurmountable, and the results are spectacular.

Viv working_edited.jpg
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